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Our Latest News Updates :


All schedules are posted.

For a reschedule request, both teams have to be in agreement.

Schedules 2018

Schedules are done. We are just finalizing them and making corrections.

The season will resume on January 6-7 weekend.


We have posted the next 3 weeks of the schedule.

A few teams have been moved around to other divisions/tiers.

We will evaluate how things go the next few weekends before posting the rest of the schedules.


We are starting to do the schedules for the leagues. We will post the December games Monday night.

We will try to move some teams around to see if we can match all skill levels.


We will be reviewing each division after the first 2 weekends.

We will try to move some teams around and introduce another tier in some divisions.

Sunday Leagues

Most teams will have 1 game out of 14 league games on a Saturday afternoon.

This is to accommodate all the teams on Sundays.

Schedules and start times for Saturday and Sunday games

Schedules will be released on November 1st at Midnight.

We have had a few team changes.

We will have 7am start times on Saturdays and Sundays.

Winter League 2017-2018

We will have a rough idea of the schedule league times and leagues on Saturdays and Sundays by September 15.

Leagues are filling up, so please get in touch with our office at your earliest convenience.

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